Freelance Web Developer
Project Management

As I've progressed with programming and development, I've decided to use GitHub more often. You will most likely find that most of my public resources will be available, open-source, on GitHub. I always enjoy myself when I know people support me, so if you'd ever like to contribute or fork any of my projects, feel free to do so. You can view my GitHub repositories below.

The developer API provides external applications with the ability to connect to and retrieve data from the network. The developer API is fully documented and allows both user authentication and other server processes. All functions are publicly available through the API root at /cloud/api/ and I require that any applications using our developer API have their software open-source.

Along with freelance development, I also work with a number of development teams and other freelance developers on a plethora of projects. Because of my laid back, but busy, workflow, I have been unable to commit to any large development projects. The team I am most affiliated with is Clout Team, a group of experienced developers who work to create web, desktop, and mobile applications for their clients.