Soon, I will be changing the hasing algorithm used for passwords to either bcrypt or scrypt, so be prepared. Also, users are now able to change the email that is associated with your account. However, you will still need access to your original email address to do this. First, click on the Account dropdown in the navigation bar of the dashboard. Then, select Change Email, where you will be sent to a page to confirm your password. You will then be emailed a key that can be used to change your email and will be able to change your email once you proceed.

The API has received some more updates. Now, the API can be found at instead of Along with this, the entire cloud directory has been removed. This means that Codity and MH-DNS have been moved to and Codity now also features a button that allows you to quickly select and copy an entire paste to your clipboard.

The system to reset your password when locked out of your account has been updated. Along with that, it has received a design update. Also, profile pages have been updated. You are now able to view your personal key without having to be sent it via email. From the dashboard, you can also change your password. Because profiles are being used for more personal matters now, other users are no longer able to view specific player profiles under the profile tab. The links have been removed from the members list, but the members list is still available.

The Minecraft sections of the developer API have been removed. The Minecraft sections were not reliable and I did not have the resources to make sure that the API would work properly and efficiently. From now on, the developer API is not going to include sections that have no relation to or Artex Development. This will hopefully keep reliability up and make sure that the entire API is working the way it is supposed to.

Artex Development has received some updates and new projects! Announcements posted by Artex Development developers can now be found on the Artex Development Discord guild at Team members can now post their own updates and announcements to be seen by the entire community. Along with this, Artex Development has taken over Lukkit. Find out more at As for a recent website and API updates, alerts have been changed to notifications, so be sure to check out the documentation for more information.

User authentication has been updated yet again. This time, the authentication method in the developer API is close to that of OAuth and is based even more around a token system. Hopefully, this new authentication system will no longer have the same bugs involving IP address conflicts and local application issues as the last did. Please visit the developer API documentation for more information on the recent update.

For those using the developer API, you can now specify separate types for both a minimal UI with regular login and a minimal UI with local login. Documentation can be found here. The example desktop applications that make use of the developer API have also been updated to meet the API changes. If you have any issues or need help, be sure to join me on Discord. Also, the second update to Bonus Point beta has been released. Check it out on the official website or on GitHub.

The developer API has received some updated regarding user authentication. However, this should only affect API calls that depend on the automatic detection of local applications for re-directing to the correct login page. The updated documentation can be found here. Along with this, feel free to check out the newest Artex Development team project, DeluxeMenuMaker. It can be found on GitHub and can be used here. More updates and information can be found on the Discord guild.

I have been putting this off for a while now, but I have finally had the time to add desktop notifications. Notifications should now be available on modern browsers, such as Chrome, and are much more useful than the custom site-only alerts. Along with this, certain meta tags have been added to all pages in order to make the site more user-friendly. However, some sad news has come along, too. Due to a clumsy mistake of mine, the content of the announcement with ID 47 and a trn_date of April 7th (depends on your time zone) has been lost and the announcement was removed. If anyone has an archived version of this announcement, please let me know. This is the second piece of content that has been lost on the site and I do hope I take the correct precautions to make it the last.

I haven't been too consistent with posting announcements. However, this does not mean that I have been inactive. I have been working on various projects for both my own sites and my open-source projects on GitHub. Sadly, I just don't remember to post announcements on my updates and new creations. If you would like to receive the most up-to-date news on my projects, I would suggest joining the Artex Development Discord guild. Along with this, please remember that my personal API is constantly being updates, so be sure to check the documentation for any changes.

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