A lot of work is being done to the authentication system. Along with that, major changes to the API will be coming shortly as updates are pushed out. I am spending a good amount of time on my open-source projects, most of which have been receiving some major updates. I plan to look into both Electron and Cordova further for Node.js development and hope to expand my knowledge with dynamic web applications.

The system for alerts has been updated. With this, the API sections for setting the status of alerts has also been updated, so please refer to the updated documentation if you are currently using that section of the API. Alerts will not automatically pop up on the main pages in the bottom right corner and will show up automatically in the notification area of the dashboard when an alert is received. We are working to fix issues regarding logging out.

Due to security concerns, the hashing method used for passwords has been updated. Because of this, I was required to reset the password of every user. Instead of forcing every user to reset their password manually, I automatically reset the password of every user and sent out an email with the new password to the email associated with each user. However, some problems occurred during this process and users may have received up to three emails regarding the reset.

Some issues in the API have been pointed out and fixed. Along with this, a large portion of the API that analyzes the request has been remade. The type value now returns the request type, whether that be GET, PUT, POST or other. However, request types are limited based on the section of the API being accessed. Please read the documentation, which has also been updated, for more information.

Lukkit 2.0 development is coming along steadily. The Lukkit site has been officially taken down, but the new site will be receiving a makeover soon. Lots of things to come for Lukkit, and I can't wait to document new features and provide great sample plugins. Along with this, I will be working on some more side projects lately and am hoping to spend more time on public projects. I have been granted access to work on MCUpdate and TinyRD and hope to give them some awesome updates soon!

Pop-up alerts that signify errors and actions have been redone. Along with this, some back-end changes have been made to various portions of the site. For example, the projects page now uses YAML instead of XML for listing descriptions and other project information.

Issues regarding the automatic deletion of alerts have been fixed. I would also like to thank everyone for their support, as the site has reached over 250 members.

I am sorry for the recent deletions of Codity pastes. However, I have redone all back-end for Codity, now allowing for over 110 languages. This update also includes various fixes for raw data and new usage of the Ace API. You can find Codity at

Over the past week or so, I have been making a lot of small, minor changes to the site. I redid the entire alert system and have fixed a lot of errors regarding dead assets and unnecessary JavaScript on many of the pages. Along with this, I have redone the head portion of each page as to make the site more SEO friendly. For MH-DNS, _ts has been added as a service, as suggested by one of our users.

As you may have seen, I have been doing a lot of work on the developer API. Along with this, I have started my own Skript community and have been working hard on its documentation site. For everyone wondering, you can find the API documentation at and the Skript in-development site at

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