Over the past week or so, I have been making a lot of small, minor changes to the site. I redid the entire alert system and have fixed a lot of errors regarding dead assets and unnecessary JavaScript on many of the pages. Along with this, I have redone the head portion of each page as to make the site more SEO friendly. For MH-DNS, _ts has been added as a service, as suggested by one of our users.

As you may have seen, I have been doing a lot of work on the developer API. Along with this, I have started my own Skript community and have been working hard on its documentation site. For everyone wondering, you can find the API documentation at and the Skript in-development site at

As you may have seen, I have been updating the developer API a lot. Some new additions include the Minecraft API (Name History) and the alert sections of the User API. However, don't worry, I will spending more time updating my other projects soon! Feel free to check out the API documentation here.

Because of the bug in the math of the previous pagination code I had made, I was forced to remake it. However, the bug should not be fixed and all sections with more than ten pages of content will be listed correctly. Along with this, I have also added in pagination for blog post comments, of which you can easily switch through.

After looking back at the password reset page, I realized that there were numerous bugs and security issues that had arisen from the old code. Because of this, I have remade the password reset page to make sure that all information is secure and that it will work correctly. All authentication should work fine as of now. now uses the developer API for user authentication. More features, including updating, creating, and deleting projects will be added to the API shortly (scratch that). Along with this, please remember to send all passwords pre-hashed with md5 to the developer API, or they won't be checked. now uses the developer API for user authentication. More features, including updating, creating, and deleting projects will be added to the API shortly. Along with this, please remember to send all passwords pre-hashed with md5 to the developer API, or they won't be checked.

I have done a lot of work on the new Artex Development Dashboard, a desktop application. It is currently open-source on GitHub, and you can find its repository here. Along with that, I have also made a few updates to, mostly editing certain features such as project updating to allow for easier input.

Issues regarding MH-DNS record editing and deletion were reported earlier today. These issues have since been fixed and any use of MH-DNS should run smoothly from now on. Due to a possible security breach from CloudFlare, please read the latest blog post.

It's been a few weeks since I have worked on one of my personal projects here on However, one of our community members suggested that I update MH-DNS to support multiple domain options. Along with his suggestion, he was able to provide us with both mineserver.rock and, which are currently available. Big thanks to AL_1 for his contribution!

I am currently working on making all dates localized, which means they will change depending on your time zone. I'm sure many of you will be glad I am adding support for this, as I know it is hard to understand times when they aren't using the correct timezone.

I have been busy with a lot of exams and schoolwork. However, I have finished some school projects that revolve around web development and will be working on more in the future. I have given Bonus Point a nice front-page redesign ( I also plan on continuing development for my Advanced Ban web add-on this upcoming weekend.

When visiting a project page via, a list of other projects a user has posted are also displayed via the panels on the right (under the short description panel). I am going to work on implementing a featured projects system and a star system. However, I am also currently working on a blog system for Jack Cosens.

The site has been completed. Visit to sign up with your account to begin posting and updating your projects.

Site validation has been added. With site validation and the use of user IDs instead of usernames, it will be easy for me to hook users and other data across multiple sites. An example of a validation link can be found here.

A few simple changes and updates have been changed or added. First off, all database tables now use user IDs instead of usernames. This will allow me to possibly add username change requests in the future. The Codity page has been changed around a bit. You can now view the available modes by hovering over or clicking on the Mode input box. Due to some difficulties with reCaptcha, the MH-DNS page has been altered slightly. However, you shouldn't be able to notice the difference.

Due to some problems with JavaScript, certain speed loading features have been disabled. You shouldn't be able to see much of a difference, but loading times for pages that include JavaScript may have gone up ever so slightly. Along with this, some useful buttons and extra information have been added to the Manage Codity and Manage MH-DNS pages of the user dashboard.

I finally realized that I had no way of announcing updates to the public. Before this update, announcements could only have been seen on the user dashboard. However, visitors without an account can now view them on the announcements page, found here.

The alert system should be working across the entire site now. I've added alerts for both administrators and users. Alerts now support actions from Codity, MH-DNS, user profiles, password resetting, comments, and more. Read comments will be deleted after a day of inactivity, while unread comments will never be removed. Alerts will never contain sensitive or personal information.

I've currently got an alert system up and running. It currently supports actions via Codity, but I plan on adding alerts into all pages soon.