I am currently working on making all dates localized, which means they will change depending on your time zone. I'm sure many of you will be glad I am adding support for this, as I know it is hard to understand times when they aren't using the correct timezone.

I have been busy with a lot of exams and schoolwork. However, I have finished some school projects that revolve around web development and will be working on more in the future. I have given Bonus Point a nice front-page redesign ( I also plan on continuing development for my Advanced Ban web add-on this upcoming weekend.

When visiting a project page via, a list of other projects a user has posted are also displayed via the panels on the right (under the short description panel). I am going to work on implementing a featured projects system and a star system. However, I am also currently working on a blog system for Jack Cosens.

The site has been completed. Visit to sign up with your account to begin posting and updating your projects.

Site validation has been added. With site validation and the use of user IDs instead of usernames, it will be easy for me to hook users and other data across multiple sites. An example of a validation link can be found here.

A few simple changes and updates have been changed or added. First off, all database tables now use user IDs instead of usernames. This will allow me to possibly add username change requests in the future. The Codity page has been changed around a bit. You can now view the available modes by hovering over or clicking on the Mode input box. Due to some difficulties with reCaptcha, the MH-DNS page has been altered slightly. However, you shouldn't be able to notice the difference.

Due to some problems with JavaScript, certain speed loading features have been disabled. You shouldn't be able to see much of a difference, but loading times for pages that include JavaScript may have gone up ever so slightly. Along with this, some useful buttons and extra information have been added to the Manage Codity and Manage MH-DNS pages of the user dashboard.

I finally realized that I had no way of announcing updates to the public. Before this update, announcements could only have been seen on the user dashboard. However, visitors without an account can now view them on the announcements page, found here.

The alert system should be working across the entire site now. I've added alerts for both administrators and users. Alerts now support actions from Codity, MH-DNS, user profiles, password resetting, comments, and more. Read comments will be deleted after a day of inactivity, while unread comments will never be removed. Alerts will never contain sensitive or personal information.

I've currently got an alert system up and running. It currently supports actions via Codity, but I plan on adding alerts into all pages soon.

The AdvancedBan web add-on has been updated with some cool new features. Some of these features include displayed user skulls and pagination. However, I will not be finishing the 'My Photos' page and will turn it into a new project.

Pagination has been added to most of the pages. I will be working on the 'My Photos' page and updates for the AdvancedBan web add-on later today.

All dates are now correctly formatted. Also, I will be releasing the "My Photos" page of the dashboard by the end of this upcoming weekend. Thanks for all the support and remember to check out my latest release on GitHub, ab-web-addon via

Comments and posts now take statistics from the user database instead of the original statistics at the time. For example, roles and profile pictures may be more up-to-date. Along with that, I have also released for my GitHub projects.

You can now select a custom Gravatar profile picture. A custom website can also be entered. You can change these under the profile tab.

I am working on major updates for the site. These include new alerts, layouts, pages, and functions. I'll try to keep everyone as updated as possible.

The Codity issue has been fixed. Thanks for all your support.

All Codity pastes have been reset to accompany the new paste sub-domain. All pastes can now be located under However, when transferring to the sub-domain via the new HTTPS supported DNS manager, I had some troubles with the database and PHP scripts. If you find any issues, please let me know. I have tried to fix them all. Along with this, the clone and search features have been removed, as they are unnecessary.

Most of the site now supports HTTPS. However, some dynamic pages, such as the Lukkit docs and error page, do not. As no important information is sent over these files, all should be good. However, I am working on getting HTTPS supported. Along with that, I have partnered up with jammehcow, the author of Lukkit, to host the Lukkit documentation and Lukkit forums.

Due to the amount of glitches that have been found in the chat system, it has been removed. Also, a few bugs in Codity have been patched, including some pages that weren't redirecting correctly. Thanks to everyone's support, we now have a total of 15 registered users!

To prevent spam or exploiting of the Codity paste system, a database has been put in place to track the exact time and IP address of every user that posts on Codity. This information will be shared with NO ONE, unless specifically needed legally. Along with this, the ID, author, link, and time of paste are all stored in the database to provide an easier way of communication.

Codity has been updated again. Not only are you able to view and delete your pastes while logged in, but you are now able to edit the paste and its mode. All character and mode limits still apply. Do so at

Alright, I have finally found time to update the theme of the chat system. The system is still currently buggy, so please use it in moderation. If anyone has experience with JavaScript, please contact me, as I am looking for a way to limit the amount of button clicks (per IP, per second).

Codity has been been given a small update. Posting when logged in now logs your username in the post's title. However, if you are not logged in, the title shows as it used to.

A forgot password system has been implemented. However, any abuse of this system may result in a permanent ban. Only use this system when necessary. Be sure never to give out your password keys to anybody. It can be found on the login page.

A global chat system has finally been added. Use the chat button in your dashboard to access it. It is still heavily developmental and needs to be used in moderation. Along with that, usernames can no longer contain any characters except a-z, A-Z, 1-9, spaces, underscores, and periods.