I finally realized that I had no way of announcing updates to the public. Before this update, announcements could only have been seen on the user dashboard. However, visitors without an account can now view them on the announcements page, found here.

The alert system should be working across the entire site now. I've added alerts for both administrators and users. Alerts now support actions from Codity, MH-DNS, user profiles, password resetting, comments, and more. Read comments will be deleted after a day of inactivity, while unread comments will never be removed. Alerts will never contain sensitive or personal information.

I've currently got an alert system up and running. It currently supports actions via Codity, but I plan on adding alerts into all pages soon.

The AdvancedBan web add-on has been updated with some cool new features. Some of these features include displayed user skulls and pagination. However, I will not be finishing the 'My Photos' page and will turn it into a new project.

Pagination has been added to most of the pages. I will be working on the 'My Photos' page and updates for the AdvancedBan web add-on later today.

All dates are now correctly formatted. Also, I will be releasing the "My Photos" page of the dashboard by the end of this upcoming weekend. Thanks for all the support and remember to check out my latest release on GitHub, ab-web-addon via

Comments and posts now take statistics from the user database instead of the original statistics at the time. For example, roles and profile pictures may be more up-to-date. Along with that, I have also released for my GitHub projects.

You can now select a custom Gravatar profile picture. A custom website can also be entered. You can change these under the profile tab.

I am working on major updates for the site. These include new alerts, layouts, pages, and functions. I'll try to keep everyone as updated as possible.

The Codity issue has been fixed. Thanks for all your support.

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