To prevent spam or exploiting of the Codity paste system, a database has been put in place to track the exact time and IP address of every user that posts on Codity. This information will be shared with NO ONE, unless specifically needed legally. Along with this, the ID, author, link, and time of paste are all stored in the database to provide an easier way of communication.

Codity has been updated again. Not only are you able to view and delete your pastes while logged in, but you are now able to edit the paste and its mode. All character and mode limits still apply. Do so at

Alright, I have finally found time to update the theme of the chat system. The system is still currently buggy, so please use it in moderation. If anyone has experience with JavaScript, please contact me, as I am looking for a way to limit the amount of button clicks (per IP, per second).

Codity has been been given a small update. Posting when logged in now logs your username in the post's title. However, if you are not logged in, the title shows as it used to.

A forgot password system has been implemented. However, any abuse of this system may result in a permanent ban. Only use this system when necessary. Be sure never to give out your password keys to anybody. It can be found on the login page.

A global chat system has finally been added. Use the chat button in your dashboard to access it. It is still heavily developmental and needs to be used in moderation. Along with that, usernames can no longer contain any characters except a-z, A-Z, 1-9, spaces, underscores, and periods.

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