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Well, it has DEFINITELY been a while since I have written a post. A lot of things have been happening in both my personal life and with the projects I work on. First of all, I would like to thank all the developers and users that have helped me with the following updates and releases. Anyways, I am not here to waste your time (well, don't all of these blog posts waste your time?), so let's get right into this.

Artex Development
The development team first started over a year ago. I started the team with some fellow web developers, but eventually hired more team members and branched off into more development fields. However, due to poor management and a lack of efficiency and a want to continue the team, it closed down soon after. The developers that had become close friends of mine went off in their own directions and I have not been very active with them since. 

Since then, I have a come a long way. I have become a part of a multitude of projects and just could not work on all of them by myself. Because of this, I have again started the team with a brand new set of members. As of right now, the team includes myself a fellow developer and friend of mine named AL_1. I originally got to know AL_1 when he kindly donated two domains to MH-DNS and instantly became a part of the community. Afterwards, AL_1 continued to support the community, eventually creating a Java hook for the developer API. Because of his contributions, he was my first pick for the team.

More information on the team can be found at (in development)
Some of our public projects can be found on our GitHub organization page.
We have also started a Discord guild for the community.

Developer API
Work on the developer API has been going well. With the help of suggestions from fellow community members, the API has received numerous updates and new features. When it was first being created, the developer API had no real error code documentation. Because of this, the error codes only created confusion and offered no form of help whatsoever. However, the API now supports the correct HTTP status codes. A list of them can be found at Along with this, some sections of the API now require certain request methods. All sections of the API accept POST requests, but some no longer accept GET requests. More information on this can be found at

The following is a list of some more specific updates:

  • The Minecraft API has been moved to its own database
  • "val" is no longer returned in the login section of the API
  • username and ID converter sections have been added
  • the records and pastes sections now show IDs
  • the pastes section now has the correct links
  • "gravatar" is now returned in the login section of the API
  • sections returning data now use "retrieved" as the success term

The security of accounts is my highest concern. Because of this, the hasing of passwords has been changed to SHA-512. Because of this, all users have received emails with new passwords and it is suggested that they change their password immediately. 

When Codity was first created, syntax highlighting when making or editing pastes was not supported. However, this has changed. The use of Ace, syntax highlighting for over 110 programming languages, is now available for both creating and editing pastes. Along with this, Codity now uses a more user friendly URL structure for accessing pastes and raw data. To access a paste, users can now visit a URL such as and for raw data.

Back-end Systems
The system I was using for the back-end of my sites was fairly inefficint. After seeing a system that AL_1 came up with for managing files and requests, I immediately switched over to it and made some of my own edits. As of right now, and are using this system and is soon to be too. Many users won't really notice a different except for friendly URLs. This means that the URLs no longer contain file extensions, such as .php. The links will look like instead of

Various Updates

  • issues with the front-end has been fixed on all sites
  • the back-end has been commented, beautified and cleaned up on all sites
  • a search feature has been added to
  • search functions have become more efficient

There is a lot in store for the community. I can't wait to release various new updates, sites, projects and features! 

Hello everyone.

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven't really been posting to the blog very often. This is due to the fact that I am constantly busy with other projects and schoolwork. However, be sure to check the announcements page for the most recent updates, as I am sure to announce almost everything that is done there. Anyways, lets get right into today's blog post.

Developer API
I have been doing quite a few back-end projects lately, and quite a few of them have required user management or authentication systems. Some of these projects include ab-web-addon and Artex Development Dashboard. Creating new systems and having to have each user create new accounts became a pain, so I decided to make an easy-to-use developer API for myself, while also releasing it for public use.

The developer API allows developers and other visitors to make use of my user management system by giving them access to authenticating users externally. With this, developers can easily create applications that require a login without needing to make their own systems. For users, don't worry, as no private information is shared through the developer API. I am short on time as of right now, but don't worry, I'll be posting more content soon enough.

Recent Updates

  • Times - Any dates or times found on the site are now shown in regards to your timezone.
  • MH-DNS - Multi-domain and multi-service support have been added to MH-DNS. MH-DNS now supports *, *.mineserver.rock, and * as options for which your sub-domain will be located under. Along with this, the option to choose a service has been added. However, due to the few requests I have gotten to update or add services, MH-DNS only supports the _minecraft service for ports.

Possible Security Breach
In a blog post released earlier today, CloudFlare announced that private information, such as POST data and HTTPS requests were accidentally leaked via their site parsers. This data was leaked into third-party sites and may or may not affect data here at Because of the severity of this breach, I suggest that every member change their password immediately. The full post can be read at

Because of school and other time-consuming activities, like more development, I haven't really been posting much. However, I have been announcing quite a few updates and new tools and sites. A few of my recent projects include and Jack Cosens' blogging site. Because I have been announcing a lot of my work, this is going to include a good portion of the recent announcements.

  • Database - A few simple changes and updates have been changed or added. First off, all database tables now use user IDs instead of usernames. This will allow me to possibly add username change requests in the future. The Codity page has been changed around a bit. You can now view the available modes by hovering over or clicking on the Mode input box. Due to some difficulties with reCaptcha, the MH-DNS page has been altered slightly. However, you shouldn't be able to notice the difference.
  • JavaScript - Due to some problems with JavaScript, certain speed loading features have been disabled. You shouldn't be able to see much of a difference, but loading times for pages that include JavaScript may have gone up ever so slightly. Along with this, some useful buttons and extra information have been added to the Manage Codity and Manage MH-DNS pages of the user dashboard.
  • Validation - Site validation has been added. With site validation and the use of user IDs instead of usernames, it will be easy for me to hook users and other data across multiple sites. An example of a validation link can be found here.
  • - The site has been completed. Visit to sign up with your account to begin posting and updating your projects. When visiting a project page via, a list of other projects a user has posted are also displayed via the panels on the right (under the short description panel). I am going to work on implementing a featured projects system and a star system.

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