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Codity - Rebuilt Chat System

by mathhulk (Administrator) on November 24th, 2016

There have been a lot of announcements recently about the new additions to Codity. Because announcements can only be seen by registered users, I am going to stick this here for everyone to see.

Over the past week(s), Codity has been updated with a plethora of additions. These additions are useful to regular users and especially developers.

  • Manage Codity - Once in the main dashboard, registered users are able to navigate to Pages, then to Manage Codity. On the Manage Codity page, users are able to see all the pastes they have created, their developer API key, and their user API key. Along with that, users are also able to edit and delete the pastes that they have created. All of these pastes still follow the character and mode restraints.
  • Registered Pasting - Registered users are now able to create Codity pastes under their account. Once logged in, all future posts will be created under you username, giving you access to these posts on your Manage Codity dashboard page. However, if you would like to post anonymously, simply log out of your account and all future posts will be anonymous.
  • Codity API - As of right now, the Codity API consists of a single GET request enabled page that allows developers to make pastes from external programs, plugins, etc. This API is open to a select few, as it is currently in its development stage. Eventually, though, I will create different APIs to allow developers to paste, delete, and edit existing pastes.

I have noticed that not many people use the chat system, and I am trying to make it more appealing.

  • Design - The chat system has gotten a total design rework. Everything from the messages, to the inputs, to the automated messages has been changed. The chat system is currently designed to fit to your browser, so resizing your browser after loading the page might make the system look strange. I'd suggest reloading the page every time you resize your browser. However, I am working on a dynamic system to do this automatically.
  • Messages - As of right now, the chat system allows for an unlimited amount of messages to be sent at once. Because I am using a file to store and load the messages, the chat system glitches will send errors after too many messages are sent. I am currently working on a fix for this and hope to switch over to MySQL soon.


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