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Havoc Host - My Experience

by mathhulk (Administrator) on November 25th, 2016

Overall, my experience with Havoc Host was fairly bad. I first learned about Havoc Host when their banners started popping up in multiple users' signatures on SpigotMC. After looking through their prices and plans, I decided to purchase their 0.5GB server for $1 a month. Now, I know what you might be thinking, $1 is quite low, and I 100% agree. Because of these prices, I feel their quality is suffering and they are focused more on quantity. Just a quick heads up, @uberstudioshd did help me out with my problems and give me a one day credit for my problems. However, I still don't think Havoc Host is worth the money or the wait.


  • When I came to the conclusion that I was going to purchase my 0.5GB plan for $1, I immediately placed the order in my shopping cart and went to check out. After logging all my credentials and PayPal information, I received multiple PayPal errors and none of the confirmation emails had been sent to me. After trying it for a second time, I looked on the billing page only to find that both of these services were pending. At this moment, I thought that I had accidentally paid for the service twice. However, I was able to contact @uberstudioshd and find out that neither of the payments had gone through. After doing so, @uberstudioshd helped me through the process of purchasing the server and the details were finally sent to me. Overall, purchasing the server took around 20-30 minutes, which I think is unacceptable. However, many of these kinks could have been caused by me or external services (PayPal).
  • After finally logging into the server control panel (XenoPanel), I immediately started having problems with the panel's functions. The start, restart, and stop buttons were all throwing errors and the console would not load. However, after refreshing the page about 5 times, the server finally attempted to start up when I hit the Start button.
  • With the server finally on, I decided to snoop around a little bit in the panel, installing some plugins and using the FTP. After fiddling with the FTP area of the control panel, I came to the conclusion that the panel wasn't saving my changes or even loading half of the files on the server. Because of this, I contacted @uberstudioshd and was told to use an FTP manager, like FileZilla, instead. I booted up FileZilla and connected to the server. Looking at the online FTP manager and FileZilla, I could tell that the files listed were not the same. FileZilla showed some and the online FTP manager showed some. I decided that it was probably a problem with the online FTP manager, so I started uploading some plugins via FileZilla. Then, looking at the list of files, I realized that the uploaded files weren't being saved to the server. Because of this, I closed out of the online FTP manager and tried again. After logging into FileZilla for the third time, the files finally started appearing and I was able to actually use the server I had purchased. Overall, this experience had cost me over an hour of my time.
  • Waiting a couple of hours, I decided to go back on the server, only to find that it was down. I immediately checked the server panel to find that the server was having problems binding to its original port. I restarted the server and tried again, only to find that the port had been changed. I then stopped the server to go to lunch. After coming back from lunch, I found that nothing on XenoPanel was working, none of the buttons, the status, or the console. After fiddling with it for about 20-30 minutes, I sent multiple support tickets to the staff team. After waiting about an hour, I saw that @uberstudioshd was online and contacted him. He then attempted to fix my panel, and it eventually worked again.


  • The only pro I could find was that Havoc Host was attempting to use a control panel other than Multicraft. I enjoyed the new, sleek design, but had massive amounts of problems with the panel.

Overall, my troubles with Havoc Host definitely outweighed anything useful I found. Most of my time with them was spent debugging problems I had no idea how to fix or tinkering with issues that were caused by the host.


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