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HTTPS and Lukkit

by mathhulk (Administrator) on December 9th, 2016

As suggested by jammehcow (JSpartan250), an SSL certificate has been added to the site to provide a more secure connection. While transferring to HTTPS, the site did receive some downtime. Overall, it will be a rough experience transferring fully to HTTPS, as I have personally never worked with HTTPS or an SSL certificate before. The Lukkit forums had to be edited manually to provide support for HTTPS and the Lukkit documentation still does not support. There have also been problems with HTTPS on the error page. If you find any problems with HTTPS, please contact me immediately.

Here is a small quote from my post on the Lukkit forums:

I am here to announce the first soft release of the Lukkit forums. Meant to be like the Skript forums (, the Lukkit forums is for all things Lukkit and is unlike SpigotMC or skUnity, which are meant for Java plugins and/or scripts.

If you would like to read the entire post, it can be found here. Here is a small quote from the author:

Lukkit allows developers to create Bukkit plugins quickly and easily using the lua scripting language. What's the point? Lua is a very friendly language for beginners. It is very easy to make a simple plugin. Lua supports ALL Spigot functions, with more lua-like ways of doing things added frequently. Projects added in v1.0-alpha4 and later allow for more advanced plugins to be made within their own folder.


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