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HTTPS and Design

by mathhulk (Administrator) on December 19th, 2016

As you may have known, we are currently using CloudFlare as our median for an SSL certificate (HTTPS). Because of this, all DNS had to be moved over to their networks. Sadly, this has caused multiple problems in the past few weeks, and CloudFlare support has made it very hard to fix these issues. First off, speed on the site may be lacking a bit due to the new SSL certificate and some design flaws. However, I am trying to clean up the site as much as possible, while also keeping it as user-friendly as possible.

Currently, CloudFlare seems to be blocking any large requests from PHP, such as posts or headers, over HTTPS. This is causing a lot of problems with the tools on my site, such as Codity and the blog. It seems that many Codity pastes are being rejected by CloudFlare because they are too large. After contacting CloudFlare support to resolve the issue, the CloudFlare representative and I had some miscommunication, and it was really hard for us to get in sync on the problems. However, I have sent HAR files over to CloudFlare and they will hopefully assess the issue as soon as possible. Because of the blockages, Codity seems to not accept anything over 100 lines (less than 4KB), which is a HUGE problem.

I have noticed that the website has been kind of slow lately. I have also been checking up on it using a lot of PageSpeed and page analytic tools. After seeing the results of these tools, I've decided to try and redesign some parts of the site to minify any problems or design flaws.

As of right now, most of the main pages of the site have been redesigned. You may not notice many differences visiting the site, but there have been a lot of useful changes. Along with that, I have added pagination to the main blog page, projects page, and downloads page. This will allow visitors to easily click through all blog posts without having to load them all at once.


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