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Design Changes and GitHub

by mathhulk (Administrator) on December 31st, 2016

I had been pondering making some changes for a while now, so I decided to add them in. Along with that, I have also decided to post some open-sourced projects on GitHub. More information on both of these topics can be found in the following message.

Design Changes

  • Alerts - Instead of using funky container alerts that took up a lot of space and were really hard to notice and maintain, I've switched over to using modals. I feel that modals really alert the user and pass the message across in a way that the old alerts didn't. For those of you not entirely sure what I am ranting on about, the alerts used to be those long boxes that popped up whenever you sent a request or submitted a form. Now, those clunky boxes are changed into literal pop-ups.
  • Back-end - Although you probably won't notice the difference, I've made a lot of changes to the back-end of the site. A new page system has been put in place and the entire user dashboard has been edited. All users are now able to view all other users and their profiles, excluding their email and password. Along with that, the Admin dashboard has been moved away from the main navigation bar to give room for new user features.
  • Domains - I've also been working hard to pick up some neat new domains. My most recent website, was a real hit and is used to host examples for my GitHub projects. Along with that, I also picked up,, and After contemplating on what to do with, I decided to ask the SpigotMC community to see what they wanted.

You can find my GitHub page here.

  • ab-web-addon - A simple, but sleek, web addon for AdvancedBan.
  • mc-server-status - mc-server-status is a server status module created using the server API.


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