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by mathhulk (Administrator) on February 1st, 2017

Because of school and other time-consuming activities, like more development, I haven't really been posting much. However, I have been announcing quite a few updates and new tools and sites. A few of my recent projects include and Jack Cosens' blogging site. Because I have been announcing a lot of my work, this is going to include a good portion of the recent announcements.

  • Database - A few simple changes and updates have been changed or added. First off, all database tables now use user IDs instead of usernames. This will allow me to possibly add username change requests in the future. The Codity page has been changed around a bit. You can now view the available modes by hovering over or clicking on the Mode input box. Due to some difficulties with reCaptcha, the MH-DNS page has been altered slightly. However, you shouldn't be able to notice the difference.
  • JavaScript - Due to some problems with JavaScript, certain speed loading features have been disabled. You shouldn't be able to see much of a difference, but loading times for pages that include JavaScript may have gone up ever so slightly. Along with this, some useful buttons and extra information have been added to the Manage Codity and Manage MH-DNS pages of the user dashboard.
  • Validation - Site validation has been added. With site validation and the use of user IDs instead of usernames, it will be easy for me to hook users and other data across multiple sites. An example of a validation link can be found here.
  • - The site has been completed. Visit to sign up with your account to begin posting and updating your projects. When visiting a project page via, a list of other projects a user has posted are also displayed via the panels on the right (under the short description panel). I am going to work on implementing a featured projects system and a star system.


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