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Recent Updates and Possible Security Breach

by mathhulk (Administrator) on February 23rd, 2017

Recent Updates

  • Times - Any dates or times found on the site are now shown in regards to your timezone.
  • MH-DNS - Multi-domain and multi-service support have been added to MH-DNS. MH-DNS now supports *, *.mineserver.rock, and * as options for which your sub-domain will be located under. Along with this, the option to choose a service has been added. However, due to the few requests I have gotten to update or add services, MH-DNS only supports the _minecraft service for ports.

Possible Security Breach
In a blog post released earlier today, CloudFlare announced that private information, such as POST data and HTTPS requests were accidentally leaked via their site parsers. This data was leaked into third-party sites and may or may not affect data here at Because of the severity of this breach, I suggest that every member change their password immediately. The full post can be read at


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